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Cascade Rim Bengals is a small cattery that is located on the west side of the Cascade foothills and nestled along the famous McKenzie River in the state of Oregon. We also have some of our cats in the Eugene area where Rhonda resides. Having the cattery split between the two places has many benefits and gives us a chance to give more attention to each cat. 


As Bengal enthusiasts, we have become captivated by these friendly and entertaining Bengals that are extremely intelligent, full of life and always looking for fun and games. We have one female that will fetch and retrieve all day long! Bengals demand being in the center of everything going on around them. These beautiful creatures will capture your heart with their exotic wild looks and dependable temperaments. It is our passion working with these animals to give you a kitten to be proud of. We listen to what your looking for and take pride in making it happen, regardless if it means not making a sale on a particular kitten.


As we come into spring of 2015, its amazing how fast the time as gone by working with these cats. Our biggest news for 2015 is our new queen Eye Candy, a grand daughter to some of our cats from the past. We have always approached breeding these cats on a small scale. Most of our litters are born in the spring and many times our females are only bred once a year. As a small cattery and in order to move forward, we are working with several small catteries like ourselves in order to keep small.   


I'd like to thank all of the past and present Bengal breeders who have dedicated their life and hard work to this exotic looking feline. Without these ethical breeders, the Bengal cat would not exist as we know them today. These breeders have given their labor of love, not so much for monetary gain, but because of the admiration for this striking, beautiful breed. When you begin studying the pedigrees of our SBT Bengals, you will notice the quality of these cats have consistently improved with huge gains in recent years.





Within the TICA breed standard, there is much room for interpretation in how to apply the standard. This is partly because the breed is so new (compared to most cat breeds) and the result of breed development from a hybrid cross between the Asian Leopard cat and the domestic cat. As a breeder, judge or admirer of the breed, we all have differing opinions when it comes to breed detail. I have a vision of how the perfect Bengal should look and act like, and it’s my goal and challenge to work with these cats for future generations, returning the favor of breeders before me.


We are getting a reputation for producing heads with roman nosed profiles like our main stud, Dadaelis Dupree. We continue to produce kittens with ultra clear coats that help frame awesome color and contrast and maintaining good body structure and type.


We are not interested in just producing kittens, but have planned and calculated each pairing in hopes of improving the breed with each litter. We are working with breeders that remain just as dedicated and are proud to be apart of taking this amazing breed to new levels.


Cascade Rim Bengals is dedicated to establishing a reputation built on using the finest quality Bengals, healthy kittens and trust, gained from honest and fair breeding practices. You can be assured your kitten will be healthy and socialized with written guarantees. kittens being adopted as pets will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving our cattery. We will do the right thing to make your investment fun and memorable and will not abandon you with any issues you may have.


Cascade Rim Bengals is always anxious to show our cattery to visitors by appointment, but is closed cattery for outside breeding. We also screen our Bengals for Tritrichomonas Foetus using pcr testing to ensure our kittens are free of this parasite.


Our cattery has been tested repeatedly for FELV/FIV. We continue to be free of these dreaded diseases and encourage everyone to vaccinate their kittens after they 12th week for FELV, especially cats at high risk, cats that could escape from indoors. The rewards of vaccinating far exceeds any risk. 


             Rhonda                                                                                             Doug Brooks


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